How to measure / fit webbing straps

Click on the pictures to get a more detailed description. Description will be at the bottom of the picture. Fitting cord can be purchased on our Webbing Accessories page. The fitting process is for dowel straps, however measuring is the same for all types of pre made straps.

First thing to measure is the width of the slot on the chair. In this case it is 2".
Measure the inside slot to inside slot on the chair (Not the old strap).
Measure the inside slot to inside slot on the chair. The measurement arrowed is what you will need to use on our website to order your new straps. DO NOT ALLOW FOR EXTRA AS WE HAVE IT WORKED OUT HERE. In this case it is 20".
When you receive your straps, first put in one end of the strap and then put through the dowel peg.
Pull the strap taut so there is no slack in the back of the chair.
Go to the front of the chair. The strap will be tight to fit, so we advise using a piece of strong string. Pull the string through the loop giving equal length on each side of the strap.
Pull the string through the hole in the chair where the strap will go.
Make a double knot in the string with enough room to press your foot on.
Using your foot as leverage will allow you to keep both hands free. Press down on the string to pull the strap through. You may need to use your hands to maneuver the strap into place.
Press down on the string so there is enough room to fit the dowel peg through the loop. This will be tight too, so you may need a bit of lubricant to help slide it through. A bit of furniture polish will help.
Once the peg is in, you can release your foot and gently maneuver the peg through. Again, a bit of furniture polish on the peg will help it slide through. Undo the double knot in the string and pull the string back out.
Do the same for the rest of the straps so it looks like the following. If your chair has straps going the other way, you will need to weave the webs through. Click on the next picture to see how ercol suggest fitting.
ercol suggested weaving process for the webbing.
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